NODA Racing Academy High School
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About Personal Information Protection

Noda Racing Academy High School will use the personal information (which can identify the specific individual) that we collected for our activity such as names, sex, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses based on the following policy.
Noda Racing Academy High School complies with our legal obligation to protect personal information such as Private Information Protection Law and other related legislations, and manage personal information appropriately and strictly with the direction of the management supervisor.
Personal information is sometimes used for answering questions and providing an applied service, making news letters from Noda Racing Academy High School, information service, survey, research statistical material, marketing information, and other research and project development which are related to these activities.

Noda Racing Academy High School will not provide personal information to a third party without the permission from the user.
(However, it’s excepted for when it’s allowed by Personal Information Protect Law or other legislations.)

Noda Racing Academy High School can respond to the disclosure and revising of school owned personal information.

Privacy Policy

Noda Racing Academy High School understands that using and protecting the users’ personal information properly is our social responsibility, and the user’s personal information will be protected under our privacy policy.

Basic principle about using personal information

Basic principle about using personal information
(1) Clarify the purpose of the use
When we collect personal information, we will do it after clarifying the purpose of use by a proper and fair method.
(2) Forbiddance of use for other than its purpose
When we use personal information, we will limit using it in required areas based on the purpose of use.
(3) Proper management of information at outsourcing the information processing.
When we outsource for information processing, we will outsource under proper management.
(4) Nondisclosure and no provision of the information to the third party
Unless the user makes agreement of disclosure or we are demanded legally to disclose and provides information, we will not disclose or provide personal information to the third party.
(5) Proper management of personal information
We keep personal information accurate and updated, and prevent the loss of personal information,
destruction, the risk of falsification and leakage of information and manage the information properly.

Purpose of use

We use personal information for providing a service or useful information to the user like following and other proper purposes.
・To answer the questions from the user.
・For other activities related to improvement of our service.
・For the implement of the guide or survey for the purpose noted above.

Questions about personal information

If the user has any questions about personal information, please contact to the service that the user disclosed or provided personal information. Also, to avoid the leakage of personal information to a third party, we will respond only to the user him/herself.


(1) Compliance with the Legislation
Noda Racing Academy High School complies with the legislation of Personal Information Protection Law. We will also provide initial responses on this privacy policy due to any change of the legislation concerning Personal Information Protection Law.
(2) Contact Information
If you have questions about this privacy policy, disclosing, revising, and managing personal information, please contact us from the following page.