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We also understand that we won’t be able to realize the establishment and management of Noda Racing Academy High School without enough capital. Even I think there are still a lot of things that I need to do after driving Triple Crown of Motor Sport such as F1, IndyCar, Le Mans.
I am strongly wiling to raise the next generation of fully talented drivers in efficient environment to produce someone like Ryo Ishikawa in racing world.

Thank you for understanding the purpose of Noda Racing Academy High School which cultivate young people who have unshakable big dream and become the bearers of Japan’s future.Your support will be greatly appreciated.

NODA Racing Academy High School Corporation

“We are looking for supporting member for Specified Nonprofit Corporation Youth Motor Sport Organization.”
●Initiation Fee, Annual Fee

Supporting Member (Individual)
Initiation Fee /group~ 10,000 yen
Annual Fee /group~ 12,000 yen
As a privilege of a supporting member, we will post the name of a company or individual on the NRA website with their permission.
Also, it’s possible to put a banner link to your website, so please contact us about it directly.
●Bank for Transfer
Ashikaga Bank Head Office Saving Account Account Number:4503427
Tokutei Hieirikatsudouhoujin Seishounen Shoujo Motor Sport Shinkoukai Riji Noda Hideki
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We are looking for sponsors.

Sponsors are needed.
Please contact from the contact form.
1. We will put a banner link on the NRA website.
2. Your company’s logo will be printed on students racing wear, uniform, racing machine, racing kart, and inside the school field.
3. You could also support specific graduating students when they go out to professional racing world.
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