NODA Racing Academy High School

Comments from the Mayer of Motegi Machi

Mayer of Motegi MachiI would like to congratulate NODA Racing Academy High School on its establishment.

Motegi Machi is located within a 2-hour drive of the city center by Kita-Kanto Expressway. Here you can meet with and enjoy a serene environment such as with the Naka River, the nature represented by stepped rice paddy, steam train, and traditional performing arts.
Also, Motegi Machi is well known by motor sports fans in Japan and overseas as the town which owns the racing circuit Twin Ring Motegi where international races are held.

I have a high degree of expectation that the one and only Japanese driver known as Hideki Noda, who has experienced the Triple Crown of Motor sports, will assembled a professional staff and establish Noda Racing Academy High School, and will help to develop drivers and engineers to a world class level.
I, as well as Motegi Machi, are supporting Noda Racing Academy High School as much as possible.

We believe that in near future, we will see many highly skilled drivers graduate from Noda Racing Academy High School; driving in racing scenes such as F1, IndyCar, and other races in Japan and overseas, and that they will be inspiring people in Japan through the”” Town of Motor Sports Motegi Machi.

Tochigi Prefecture, Mayer of Motegi Machi

Tatsuya Koguchi