NODA Racing Academy High School

Comments from Twin Ring Motegi

I would like to congratulate Noda Racing Academy High School on its establishment here in Motegi Machi. Also, I would like to show my respect to Mr. Hideki Noda for overcoming many obstacles in pursuit of his passion and accomplishing the establishment of this racing academy in order to produce drivers and engineers of the highest caliber who will no doubt fare in the real world as mature adults as well.

While establishing Noda Racing Academy High School, the mayer Koguchi noticed people showed their support to Mr. Noda both mentally and physically. I was really glad to hear about it as a person supported by Motegi Machi in the area of motor sports and mobility.

We, Twin Ring Motegi, as a space for practical training of racing academy, would like to show our support to the school management by providing the racing course for driving time. We hope that this school will produce world-class drivers and engineers for the future.

Mobility Land Co.
Twin Ring Motegi General Manager
Itaru Ohno